5C, I-10/3, Industrial Area, Islamabad, Pakistan


Corporate Overview

At ATTABAK, Our highly skilled professionals apply their knowledge to improve animals health. We strive to set standards for quality, safety and value in innovation and manufacturing products for customers and to serve agriculture sector in better way. Our diversified countrywide health care portfolio includes human pharmaceutical, animal health division and animal biologic.

Manufacturing Premises

Our manufacturing premises pretext is based on highly advanced technology and has been constructed in such a way to block any horizontal or vertical contamination, personnel access ease, material positioning and ensuring hygienic environment for the workers at all levels. Our manufacturing area is constructed over 75000 sq. ft and divided into the following divisions.

Packing Standard

Since manufacturing of local products we have been fully determined to manage each and every job in accordance to the international standards of packaging. All packaging material as labeling, unit standards, leaflets and outer packing contain genuine claims, which are in accordance to the professional ethics and standards of the regulatory authority and obeying international marketing standards.

Environmental Policy

Attabak Pharmaceutical Industries ensures the utmost protection for its employees, environment and its immediate surroundings to achieve desirable and required pre-set declared standards of environmental controls.


Our company profile governs the highest standards of Ethics and integrity in terms of quality, professionalism and advanced services to our respected customers.

Human Pharma Division


We are aimed and have an eye to create competitive market by inducing professional standards declared by international marketing formats. This would help us and the respected customers to acquire updated technical knowledge relevant to the respective fields. We act all the time in a manner which advocates and safeguards performance of the animals and satisf customers. We are highly focused to maintain contemporary knowledge of selling skill and professional marketing knowledge in ourder to ensure a high standards of professional competence. Our sales team is consistently been reviewed and gains professional knowledge and expertise in a context of improving quality and standard of pharmaceutical services avialbel to each customer. We share pharmaceutical services and protocols; we ensure ourselves that they are being provided efficiently,, tailored in accordancd to the needs of the customers and shared in a manner consistnet with the relevant parameters.
We remain super conscious while providing professional advice at any appropriate opportunity to ensure the customer that he is sufficiently updated about precatuions, protocols and effective use of drugs to achieve optimal outcomes.


Tools which we use in our promotional and advertisement arena qualify legal grounds are truthful and not violate the trust of our respected customers or exploit their lack of knowledge. Our each single achievement for professional services qualifies, until declared standards and accurate in order for a client to make an informed decision.


Our focus to explore business and to keep highly qualitative presence in the local and international market-place we welcome interaction with local as well as international customers for mutual benefits pertaining to any area of the business. Our production area has been developed in such a way to meet extra vacant production demands in a most disciplined way which encourages us to achieve the high level of confidence of our customers desired in today’s highly competitive health care industry.